The Photographer


The most common compliment I receive after photo sessions is, "Wow, you are SO patient!"  Maybe it comes from growing up as the second of four children.  Maybe it comes from having two challenging babies and learning to roll with the punches.  Or maybe it's just my personality.  But when I am photographing anyone or anything, my job is to make each person or each product, look their absolute best.  My goal is to help you feel comfortable and well taken care of, whether you're the parent, the subject, or the owner of the business.  I will chase toddlers around for hours in the grass.  I will soothe and re-position a newborn 39 times (if I have to, and I truly love it).  I will wait patiently while you check your hair in the mirror for the 19th time (trust me, I know hair is important)!  I will photograph your pizza from 47 different angles and on 6 different backgrounds until we figure out the BEST shot.  Because what matters to you, matters to me.  I'm not just trying to get the job done, I'm trying to get it done RIGHT.